Why Our Office Focuses On Online Reviews

Dental health is an important part of your overall bodily well-being. While no one would disagree with this fact, it can be difficult to find a reputable and trustworthy dentist. Many people when looking for a particular service will turn to friends or family for advice. Typically, someone has needed the same service and can offer suggestions and referrals. However, what happens if quality referrals can’t be found? The American Dental Association says 42% of Americans do not regularly attend a dentist. For potential dental patients, this can be problematic because those who they would have asked might not have been to a dentist in a while. Is there a solution? Most people would search online for reviews on business that offer the service they are looking for. However, this poses a problem as well as it can be difficult to find online reviews for various services. Small businesses rarely ask for their customers to leave reviews because they are too focused on running the day to day operations. Jackson Family Dentistry understands the importance of finding quality care and the frustration that comes from not finding the care needed. We strive for positive feedback from our patients and also learn how we can better ourselves through them. Our office is highly reviewed online, not because we want to look flashy but because we believe in providing the best care we can in a trusting and transparent environment.
Understanding our patients and their needs is how we help our patients better their dental health. Many recent studies have shown consumers want to see reviews from the businesses they choose to patronize. One of these studies done by Bright Local showed 84% of consumers trusted online reviews just as much as a friend or a family members’ recommendation. Of course, no one will leave a review if it’s difficult or cumbersome to do so. Jackson Family Dentistry asks all of our patients if they would review us and the process can be completed in less than a minute!

Jackson Family Dentistry would like to thank all of our patients who have reviewed us in the past year. We hope by having reviews readily available potential patients will feel more welcomed to join our office. Also, our office is always striving to do better and we are able to do this by reviewing the feedback left by our current patients. Below is a video we compiled to show our thanks, you can also read more patient testimonials on our website


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