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What Are Disclosing Tablets And How Do They Work

If you are a parent then you probably have asked your child multiple times if they have brushed their teeth. Of course, this is almost always met with the child quickly answering yes! While the child probably did, in fact, brush their teeth, the problem really arises as to how well they brushed. While timers work really well by keeping them brushing for the correct duration, that doesn’t mean they are adequately reaching all of the spots on their teeth. It can be difficult for a child and even parents to notice they are brushing inadequately until it is time for a dental check-up and multiple cavities are found. Luckily, there is a little-known product that can help children brush better. There’re called disclosing tablets and they are very beneficial to our young patients in helping them stay on track with their oral hygiene. Disclosing tablets (pictured below) are formed from vegetable dye which binds itself to the plaque on someone’s teeth and dyes it red. This allows the indiv

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