What Is A Dental Flipper?

There are many temporary tooth replacement options on the market today. They are called temporary because they are used while the mouth is healing where the original permanent teeth once were. One such popular appliance is called a dental flipper. This is a very inexpensive option for someone who is waiting to start a permanent tooth replacement option such as implants but doesn’t want to be seen
with missing teeth.

A flipper is a plastic retainer covered with a flesh looking material. The fake tooth or teeth are generally made of an acrylic material and are attached to the retainer. They can also be color matched to your existing teeth which will allow them to blend in a little easier. This appliance gets its name because it can be “flipped” by your tongue and can be removed easily for cleaning.

Flippers are commonly used to quickly fill a gap caused by a sudden tooth loss. It usually takes several months before the gums are healed and ready for a permanent option like implants. Our patients like that they can have a quick solution in one or two office visits and be back to smiling confidently. They are also very affordable and generally only cost a few hundred dollars. They also keep other teeth in your mouth from shifting while there is a gap in your teeth.

There are several disadvantages to using flippers, one being that they don’t sit in your mouth like permanent dentures and can be loose unless supplemented with a wire clasp. Also, the teeth tend to break off easily and can be difficult to chew with if a flipper is used for one of your front teeth.  

Talking with your dentist would be your best route if you are contemplating a dental flipper. As with other appliances, there are advantages and disadvantages to using them and your dentist will be able to guide you through your options. Jackson Family Dentistry offers free consultations on all of our cosmetic dentistry procedures and we look forward to helping you regain your smile. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give our office a call. 


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